Travis Staton-Marrero


Travis Staton-Marrero, hailing from Puerto Rico, graduated with a BFA in Theatre at Michigan State

University, but found dance and acting at a young age.  Travis is an avid actor, dancer, and stunt man who started performing professionally at the age of 12 , under the guidance of his mother, world salsa champion Elaine Marrero. Breaking from the latin dance world, he began training with the Detroit bboy and hip hop crews, where he made his name in the Detroit dance scene as a hip hop dancer and instructor who focused on telling stories through his movement.  These stories got him his first job teaching hip hop at the collegiate level, while still finishing his undergrad degree in acting. Since moving to New York City, he has found a secondary line of work in fight choreography and stunt work. And spends a lot of his free time training martial arts, historical fencing, and parkour. These skills landed him his first equity lead as D'Artagnan in the Three Musketeers at Syracuse Stage. Ever an optimist, the phrase you will always hear him say is, “Live Your Dreams.”

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