Joey Calveri


Joey Calveri started perfoming at age 14 with his older brother who was a professional entertainer and also raising him as his legal guardian. He spent his high school years in Seattle where he dove into jazz and jazz vocals. After high school Joey attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy then immediately left for Euorpe for 3 years where he toured with WEST SIDE STORY and GREASE DAS MUSICAL. After returning to the states he joined the 1st national tour of SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER becoming part of AEA. Joey then filled the years perfroming for regional theatres around the country, including a 60’s review TRIP OF LOVE that performed in Osaka Japan.  After 2 years in Las Vegas where he was performing in Queens WE WILL ROCK YOU, his passion  for rock and roll grew. He returned to NYC and met up with a rock band from Brooklyn and started their original band THE MACHINE ELVES, who still perform quite often around the city today. Joey left to join the 1st national tour of the hit musical ROCK OF AGES and  left early to join his first broadway show, WONDNERLAND.  After the closing of Wonderland Joey rejoined ROCK OF AGES on broadway where he is still performing today.  Joey feels very blessed for the journey his performance life has given him and continues to seek out more exciting works and experiences.

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