Blake Zelesnikar


Blake Zelesnikar was born and raised in Binghamton, New York where he began his dance career at the age of seven.  Blake studied modern, jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet and acrobatics under the direction of Perkins School of the Arts, an innovative performing arts school in upstate New York. 

At the age of 13, Blake auditioned and made the USA Dance Team, where he traveled to Reisa, Germany to compete in the International Dance Organization, where he placed 3rd overall and brought home the “Bronze Medal”.

At 16, Blake studied under Master Grigorian, founder, artistic director, and choreographer of Rafael Grigorian School of Classical Ballet.

At 18, Blake auditioned for the FOX dance series, “So You Think You Can Dance”.  Blake made it to the “Green Mile”, Top 30.

In 2012, Blake went on to join  BAD BOYS OF DANCE and to tour with them all throughout Europe, having the opportunity to perform in many prestigious theaters and amphitheaters in front of thousands of people.    

Blake's artistic experience has been influenced by many, however, it started with Amber Perkins, owner and director of Perkins School of the Arts.  Amber played a pivotal role in Blake's inspiration for dance and creative process throughout his childhood and high school years.  Alongside Amber is Mikey Perkins and Stacy Eastman.

Additionally, Rasta Thomas, Adrienne Canterna, Sean Kelly and Phillip Carman of Rasta Thomas' BAD BOYS OF DANCE, gave Blake an amazing opportunity to experience and be inspired by a 21st Century dance company and introduced him to a new chapter in the performing arts.  

When Blake's not dancing he loves to be outdoors engaging in activities from water skiing,skateboarding,hiking,basketball and track.   

Blake's favorite saying is, “Challenge your Frustration”


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