Theresa Stone

Theresa Stone has been working in the industry for close to 10 years. She has trained and assisted under some of the biggest names in dance including Brian Friedman, Laurieann Gibson, Tyce Diorio, Dave Scott, Cris Judd, Tricia Miranda and more! 
She has danced on the ARTRAVE Tour with Lady Gaga, and can also be seen in her “G.U.Y.” music video choreographed by Richard Jackson. She has worked on two of Jennifer Lopez’s music videos, and has also danced behind Gwen Stefani at the American Music Awards. On top of these jobs, she has had the opportunity to work on the Concert Summer Series with Fifth Harmony to celebrate the debut of their latest album, under the direction of Sean Bankhead. 
Theresa has also had the opportunity to work under Rosero McCoy on various occasions dancing behind artists Keke Palmer and Toni Braxton. She has worked on industrial events including the Google Upfronts, Beach Body Convention, and the ABC Upfronts. She also danced for Earth, Wind & Fire, as well as Le Chic under the direction of Kevin & Marcel Wilson. 
Throughout her career she has also worked for a number of large brands including Lay’s Potato Chips, Gosling’s Alcohol, Lionsgate Films, Delta Airlines and Nintendo. She can also be seen dancing on shows including Good Morning America, America’s Got Talent, The Wendy William’s Show and the world famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!
Theresa is a hard working, professional who strives to be the best at all crafts. She takes her career very seriously and for that reason alone that she has had a successful path thus far.
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