Taylor Spolitino


I was born in Hamilton, New Jersey, but raised in Hainesport, NJ. My family owns a dance studio, so I was exposed to dance at a very young age. I fell in love with dance and everything about it, and have been competing, taking classes, and performing ever since. I trained at Stewart Johnson Dance Academy for my entire life. During the winter months, I would travel and attend dance conventions, while during the summer I would take classes in NYC at either Broadway Dance Center or Steps on Broadway. My significant interests outside of performing are snowboarding and fly fishing. My parents have owned a house upstate since I was a child, and growing up experiencing nature has taught me to take every opportunity I have to be in the outdoors. Some people that have influenced my career and artistic experience are Melanie Moore, Tricia Miranda, and Hamilton Evans, because their artistic genuis is so incredible and inspiring. My favorite saying is “A winner doesn’t quit on themselves” which was said by Beyoncé, and it keeps me motivated to constantly keep working and to NEVER quit. 

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