Sky Hoffman


Sky Hoffmann is a commercial dancer, choreographer and master teacher best known for his vast credits amongst the top artists in the music industry, breaking ground as one of the first Asian Americans to achieve such levels, appearing in numerous movies and television commercials, and as the longest running dancer to perform beside Justin Timberlake – working with Timberlake on his very first solo outing in Times Square to his most recent performance on the 52nd Super Bowl. Sky has been one of the most sought after, respected, well known, legendary performers to break molds and grace the world’s largest stages.

Sky credits his prolific and varied career in the entertainment industry to his martial arts background, his accomplishments as a classical pianist, and above all, his warrior mindset. While having a stature not typically found on stage (Sky stands at 6’2”), Hoffmann is known in the industry as a chameleon, able to fit into a wide array of genres, roles, and settings. As a stoic out-going introvert, Sky uses his inherent commanding presence, matched with his warmth and sensitivity, to lead his team and guide his artists. As a choreographer and master teacher, Sky is relied upon for his consistency, out-of- the-box creativity, and his worldly perspective, experience and wisdom within the industry.

Sky Hoffmann’s choreography has been featured on world tours with International Japanese Super Star Jin Akanishi, Prime Time NBC hit shows, CBS Promo’s with A-list celebrities and Worldwide Brands such as GAP. He has worked intimately as a performance coach with pop idol Paula Abdul, International EDM Phenomenon DJ Martin Garrix, Vocal Stylist Dua Lipa, Jazz crooner James Torme, and legendary comedian Robert Klein.

As a master teacher, Sky has traveled the world sharing his experiences and teaching his insights and talents in countries such as England, Ireland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, China, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand. He has been a master teacher at world renowned studios, Millennium, Debbie Reynolds, The Edge, Pineapple Dance and the Paris Opera Ballet.

Sky’s dance career spans decades, includes worldwide tours, music videos, television performances, award shows, commercials, and movies. Dancing along side top artists and celebrities such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Pink, Camila Cabello, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake, Will.i.am, The Spice Girls, Aerosmith, Vasco Rossi, Aaliyah, Miley Cyrus, Back Street Boys, N’Sync and Michael Jackson.

Sky credits the “shoulders of giants” he has stood upon for decades. He was taught by the pioneers of the urban street styles, was influenced by the history of the classical jazz tap idols and continues his interpretation of their legacy with his own innovations, insight, and generational perspectives.

“To all the rebels, geeks, and black sheep, I want you to be the leaders of the world. You make it an interesting place to live in…Variety is Happiness”.

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