Shyla Hernandez


Shyla Arianna Hernandez AKA Shyla Fierce, was born in NYC and raised in Queens, NY began to dance at two and a half years old at TKO Dance Academy in Ozone Park Queens. Shyla started off with mainstream classes in tap, jazz and ballet. At age 6 she started Salsa in TKO Dance Academy and Hip Hop with the GetEm Crew with Jeffrey Cowans, who introduced her to the dance convention Monsters of Hip Hop which made her fall in love with Hip Hop. Her mom threw her in the freestyle battle which she won 3rd place. When Shyla was five years old her dad passed away after his passing she lost some interest in dance because he was no longer physically there to cheer for her. After going to therapy for a year she gained her interest back and understood that even though he wasn't physically there he was there is spirit cheering her on and she was still able to make him proud. Which made her try out for the competition team at her studio. She then started to compete at the age of 7 in tap, jazz, ballet, salsa, hip hop, lyrical and contemporary and till this day she is currently apart of the competition team. Performing her first hip hop competition performance is where she gained her name Shyla Fierce, everyone in the audience feel in love with how she performed and was calling her lil Miss FIERCE and from that day on she was called Shyla Fierce. The hip hop crew she was a part of couldn't no longer be so her mom started to seek other hip hop crew for Shyla to train with because Shyla was a die hard hip hop dancer its what she loved. She came across a team in New Jersey called Kozmic Edge which has auditioned for and made it on and is currently to this day still apart of Kozmic Edge she trains and competes in street Jazz, hip hop, jazz funk and street jazz. Being apart of and training with both TKO Dance Academy and Kozmic Edge has pushed Shyla to the dance more where she then became a camp pulse counselor for Camp Pulse on Tour at age 9, a junior Prodigy for Artistic Dance Exchange and is currently a Pulse NexUs Protege. One of Shyla's biggest highlights of her dance career was dancing with Justin Bieber on his Purpose Tour in Hartford, CT. She always dreamed of dancing on a tour stage with a famous artist at just 9 years old she fulfilled that dream.

When Shyla isn't dancing, performing or training she enjoys baking, family time and being a kid riding her bike, swimming, playing in the park and has set a goal to make it on the volleyball team at her school this year. She's the oldest of 3, a sister who follows her footsteps in dance and a brother who loves to watch her hit the stage and perform. She knows she is their role model so she always does her best and shows them how to work hard for what you want. There's so many people who have influenced her as a dancer. Mr Tommy Tibbal who was one of her first dance teachers from TKO Dance Academy who was on season 10 of SYTCD, Kareem  Hills also from her studio they helped mold her from the little baby dancer that she was at two and a half to the fierce hard working dancer that she is today. So many more Sasha Herrera, Carmelo Cruz, Cochise Quinones, Jeffrey Cowans who all took the fierce out of the quiet little dancer that she was, Theresa Stone who helped her be a better contemporary dancer. Her Biggest role models are Tricia Miranda who she had the honor to work with her in LA and perform her choreography at Carnival KIDZ out in Los Angeles, CA. Matt Steffanina, Phil Wright, Ysabelle Capitule, KK Harris all have influenced her to work harder with hopes of being the amazing talented choreographers that they are today. She dreams of moving to Los Angeles, California and opening her own dance studio some day so she can continue to spread her love of dance. Shyla's favorite saying when she dances is " Everytime I dance I turn into a better version of myslef".

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