Raymond Young



My name is Raymond "Rep" Young and I was born and raised in Harlem,N.Y where I first learned to dance. I attended the Harlem School of The Arts for two years as a child and although I left the school the lessons I learned and the passion that grew stuck with me. To me the art of dance is very expressive and another way I express myself is through comedy, there isn't a crowd I can't conquer. Thinking back I got my first big job as a dancer when I was unsigned and I booked the Michael Jackson Album Release Party FlashMob Choreographed by Craig Smith and Tweetie. I felt honored and privileged to perform some moves of the late great Michael Jackson as fans watched in amusement. Some people I look up to would have to be The Amount Boyz. Their drive and humility is truly inspiring. A quote that best describes me is "Work hard Live well" simply because I do it every day. Thank you for reading.

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