Paul Bedus


Paulie Bedus is currently a senior at Westlake High school, who looks forward to studying at Pace University as a Commercial Dance Major in September 2020. Born and raised in Westchester, New York, he started his training at age 9 in musical theatre, performing in 3 productions a year. Finding himself constantly playing featured dance roles and leading as dance captain, at 14 he decided to follow his passion and move to a dance studio to get more technical training in styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern, Acrobatics and Tap. Training as a competitive dancer, Paulie has received a multitude of scholarships and awards including full scholarships to all Three Break The Floor affiliated conventions, Prodigy winner and convention assistant at NRG Dance Project, and Top 20 at The Dance Awards. Outside of performing, Paulie takes interest in modeling, photography, makeup and fashion. 

Instagram handle: @Pauliebedus

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