Nefertari Green


My name is Nefertari Green and I was born in Los Angeles, California. As a child I always loved to entertain my friends and family which prompted my mother to put me in my first dance school. It was there, at the age of six that I first began performing. Throughout the rest of my years in grade school, I trained at a number of facilities from California Dance Center, to Dynamic Dance Factory, and Dance Arts Academy to name a few. In high school, I attended Hamilton High School and was accepted into their well-respected Music Academy/Performing Arts magnet and graduated in 2009 with an emphasis in dance. Upon graduating high school I was accepted into Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Certificate Program for the Fall 2009 semester and it was there that I did some of the most comprehensive and extensive training during my three year program and ultimately graduated in May of 2012.  

Aside from my interest in dance, I've always loved and appreciated fashion design/styling and I really enjoy shopping and expressing the funky and eclectic aspects of my personality through my fashion choices. More recently, as I've been learning more about the importance of good nutrition and have become more health conscious, I've grown more excited about juicing, trying new healthy recipes, and cultivating a more holistic lifestyle overall. 

Getting back to my dancing career, I was very fortunate to book my first big gig only a few months after graduating from Ailey. After hearing that the Nets were holding auditions for their inaugural season in Brooklyn I thought it would be an ideal job and provide the perfect schedule for flexibility to still be able to take dance classes so I decided to go for it and hope for the best. After a lot of hard work and several rounds of cuts, I ultimately received that awesome phone call that kick started my professional career!  

As it relates to the specific individuals who've had the most significant impact on my career I'd have to single out two ladies. The first being Karen McDonald who trained me at Dance Arts Academy as one who influenced and groomed me as a dancer technically, physically, and mentally in addition to showing me that dance is not just people moving their bodies but it's a visual manifestation of my essence as a person. The second is Carmen De Lavallade for being a huge inspiration as a trailblazing dancer from Los Angeles who had an impeccable career and was able to balance her career and family life while also achieving success and longevity as an artist (even up until now in her senior years!).

For any artist, regardless of the raw talent they may possess, the mind can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. Knowing that, a favorite quote that I try to constantly remind myself of is this: "Believe you can, and you're half way there." – Theodore Roosevelt   

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