Muata Langley

Muata Langley is a Krumper born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut. He began dancing at the young age of 5 influenced heavily by Michael Jackson. Like many young dancers he would imitate the king of pop at family gatherings and it was through these moments he first began falling in love with dance and performing. He continued to learn more about the art of dance when he was picked up by a local dance group Livewire. There he learned about Popping, Breaking, Hip-hop. He also studied dance at Hamden Academy of Dance in Hip-hop, Breaking, Popping, 

Since then he's continued training in capoeira, popping, breaking, and street-jazz, but krump was the style that he latched on to the most due to the  spiritual aspect of the dance and the emotive release through its movement.
Muata was given the opportunity to train with Rhapsody James in Motivating Excellence Season 3. For him it was such an eye opening experience. He hopes to take all the tools he was given, sharpen them, and continue to push forward with a better understanding of the craft & artistry that is Dance.

Muata booked his first major gig dancing with Lil Kim right after finishing the Motivating Excellence Program and making the big decision to permanently move to New York City. Since then he's worked on commercials for Guess and Macy's, did company work with Rhapsody James' innovative Contemporary/Hip Hop Fusion company RED and was work-shopped in a hip hop based musical that will hopefully open on Broadway.

He's always open to try new styles and driven by the inspiration of his life which is to show his two young children that dreams are what you make them and to never give up on them. 

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