Marlyn Ortiz


Marlyn has a wealth of experience performing on the international stage. She began her professional career right after high school. Born in Puerto Rico’s countryside and now a native New Yorker, Marlyn has excelled as a dancer, aerialist and choreographer on stage, television and print.
Marlyn’s credits include world tours with Taylor Swift, Black Eye Peas, Madonna, Usher, JLo, Britney Pears and Mariah Carey. She has appeared in Broadway and off Broadway productions to include Disney’s production of Tarzan, De La Guarda and Fuerza Bruta. In both the musical theatre production and aerial productions Marlyn assumed the role of Captain. She also choreographed John Leguizamos in his one man Broadway show Ghetto Klown. Her talent and leadership skills in highly technical productions have given her the skills to share her experience in teaching and choreographing dance workshops all over the world.
Marlyn has appeared in various commercials and workout videos such as Insanity and Brazilian Butt Lift.

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