London Escada


Hailing from Springfield, Massachusetts, London Fleur De Lis is a Black-American vogue artist, instructor, and educator. After seeing Vogue Evolution perform on America’s Best Dance Crew and some chance encounters with members of the Ballroom community he took a midnight train to Boston to his first Vogue Ball to learn about Ballroom culture in 2011.

In 2015, he began teaching Vogue workshops for people to learn about Ballroom and its movements. During his teaching collaboration with Emerson College, he helped to co-create the Haus of Emerson, the first Collegiate-based and funded Ballroom house. It was through those connections and part in building the Haus of Emerson, in which he was contacted by casting producers to compete on HBO MAX’s reality-voguing competition, Legendary. As Mother of the Iconic House of Escada, he led his team to become one of the top three.

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