Kayla Cruz


Born and raised in Staten Island, New York, Kayla Cruz’s love for dance started at a very young age.  She began studying at a local dance studio where she has trained in various styles such as ballet, hip hop, contemporary, tap, classical and street jazz, and musical theatre for over 16 years.  At the age of 13, Kayla took her training to Manhattan where she became a member of the Pop/R&B girl group, “Lucki Gurlz”.  She performed and trained with them vocally for 3 years.  Along the way, Kayla was accepted into her High School Theater Company and developed a new passion for acting and musical theatre.  Over the past 4 years she’s been given many principle dance roles and lead acting roles in several high school musicals.  Kayla plans to graduate high school in June of 2017 and attend Wagner College as an arts administration and dance major.  She also plans to continue studying and training in all aspects of dance and theater.  

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