Jocinda Johnson


Jocinda Johnson was born on December 10th 1999, in Queens NY. Dance has always been a tremendous part of Jocinda’s life! showing parts of her past , glimpse of her future, and the reality of her now. It all started at the age of 3, growing up watching her mom teach and choreography for The liturgical praise ministry at her church. She continued her training at various local dance studios in Queens Ny. For example she started her studies at Esota dance studio then traveled to Perfection dance center, Innervision dance studio,Devore Dance center, Tko dance company, and traveled to nyc to take classes. Jocinda had the opportunity of working with Yanis Marshall, Kiirah Harper, and Aliya Janelle, these 3 are some artists who influenced her dance career/style. She also had the opportunity to travel to LA and work with different artists/ choreographers such as Debbie Allen, Karen McDonald, Lyrik Cruz and Darrell Moultri. However, Jocinda Johnson recently received her BFA Degree in Performing Arts, May 2021 from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. One of Jocinda’s favorite saying is “Stay True to who you are, Stay Humble” Besides Dance, Jocinda loves engaging with creative Visionary brand influencers, enhancing her technique as a nail specialist, “Creative Art creates a voice,peace , happiness “ as well as spending time with her loved ones. A passionate and motivated artist, Jocinda is constantly striving to improve her techniques, expand her skillset and find new opportunities to grow. Each of her projects – both solo and collaborative – have provided this growth and allowed her to establish her voice within this competitive industry.

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