Jakob Karr


I was born in the small town of Windermere, FL (a suburb of Orlando).

I performed for the first time in a local talent show at the age of 10. A few friends and I learned the "Bye Bye Bye" choreography from the music video and decided to compete. We didn't win but we definitely thought we were stars on the rise 🙂

I was trained by a woman named Melissa Stokes at a studio in Clermont, FL called Shooting Start School of Performing Arts. I danced and competed there for 7 years before moving to NYC where I attended the Fordham/Ailey BFA program for one year.

Aside from dance performance, I love to choreograph and teach. I am equally excited about all aspects of dance. Stepping outside the world of dance though, I love to read and write and be a bit of a nerd at times.

The first big project I ever worked on was the 6th season of So You Think You Can Dance. I made it all the way through the season to the finale where I was announced the Runner Up. A few months after that I was invited by Adam Shankman to perform at the Academy Awards, which is something that I consider to be one of the most incredible performances I have been a part of to date.

We all have superstars and legends that we will always look up to but I find that most of my inspiration comes from the people who are more commonly in my life. My friends, mentors and family. Especially in the world of dance, I feel that you see growth each and every day and it is most prevalent within those that you know and love.

My favorite quote comes from Ralph Waldo Emerson. He says "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

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