Ileanna Hichez


I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  As a child, I always felt the need to perform for people whether it was through modeling or dancing. At nine years old I would put on shows in people's houses with friends. At ten years old is when I got my first break on television on a show well known in my country. I didn’t have the opportunity to train at any school but I had a mentor who danced and was well known. He pushed me to try and learn. There was a few of us who formed a dance group and we learned from one another. When I was 14 years old I received a scholarship for 3 months in ballet then after I received a scholarship for gymnastics. At 17 I came to the US and I really started training. In 2008 I began training in hip-hop and jazz funk at Broadway Dance Center, workshops all over including a convention in Puerto Rico, and Monsters of Hip-Hop where I received a scholarship. I love to sing, I love music AND fashion! Bloc sent me on an audition for Step-Up 3D and I booked it.             

It was all just a dream. I don't have anyone who inspired me other than watching videos on TV as a kid and watching people perform with artists. I always felt and desired to be dancing on TV with them. I wanted to be there. Once I got to this country, life here inspired me especially in New York. Things here are not as easy as they were before. We suffer; we hustle all for a dream because the hustle makes us want to accomplish our dream and pushes us forward. New York definitely inspired me and continues to do so. I am a dreamer, everything happens for a reason. God’s time is the perfect time.

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