Honey Balenciaga


Honey is a dancer and movement artist from Brooklyn, New York. As a kid he always wanted to be more, see more, and feel more. His love for dance began at an early age as he soaked up movement he saw in film and television. Emerging into the ballroom scene as a teenager changed his life forever and opened him up to a new genre of freestyle movement. Creating “Honey” allowed him for the first time to see the world in color; a world that could allow him to embrace his femininity, release stress and live his fantasy. His formal training comes from Dance Atlantic Studios and The Door in New York City. He has worked with brands such as Coach, H&M and Nike. He was apart of Susanne Bartsch’s Love Ball III and Rupaul’s Drag Con. He has performed at Summer stage with Ballroom music label QweenBeat, BAM Fisher and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

“I want the audience to understand how I feel when I dance. I bring my emotion out through my movement.”

“I feel great when I can put on a pair of heels to vogue.”

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