Hisham Qumhiyeh


I was born in Malaysia! However, my family moved to Kuwait and I lived there for 15 years. I originally started dancing when I was in college, I joined a danced team (Tantrum) when I was a freshman and I have been performing ever since. I went to UNC Charlotte and majored in Biology. I trained myself in performance through my time on Tantrum, and eventually attended miscellaneous workshops on campus to receive formal training in basic alignment. My interests include modeling, STEM, laboratory work, coding, drawing etc.

One night on Instagram I saw a post about an open audition for Brian Friedman in New York. It was such a rare opportunity; I just knew that I had to pursue it. I was reluctant because I had never been to NYC and I had never been to an audition before, but I wanted to start taking more risks in order to better myself as a dancer. I went straight from the airport to Adelante Studios, luggage still in hand, running on two hours of sleep. The audition lasted about two hours and out of maybe 100 dancers there were only 2 of us that booked the job.

Since I came to America, my friends have been my biggest support system. They have continuously motivated and reminded me to not let my past dictate what I do with my future. Another big influence is Jessica Castro, who has proven that it does not matter how late you start your career as long as you are passionate and driven.

“If they can do it, so can I!”

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