Gio Velez Rodriguez


Hey my name is Giovanessa J Velez Rodriguez but you can call me Gio. I was born and raise in Puerto Rico. I started performing on a street crew called B.A Dancers in Luquillo PR. That was the moment I fell in love with the dance industry. My training started on a dance academy “Dance and Art Institute, also back in Puerto Rico. Moving into college I started on the UMET Dance team, I got the chance to train even more in Jazz, urban and hiphop. Competing in talent shows is where I grew as a dancer goin on stages getting use to the feeling I fell in love even more and I understood that that’s where I belong. That being made opportunity started one day on a dance competition and that’s how I got my first big Job. I got the chance to dance in Vico c concert in San Juan Puerto Rico. I also worked with some urban singers as a back up dancer like J alvarez, Jowel y randy, Baby Rasta y Gringo, Alexis y fido, Alexio ect. Also hade the opportunity to travel and work with a few out side of the island. Theirs some specific people that had influence my career as a dancer im goin to name a few. Miguel Rivera, Terrency Romero, Arnaldo Rodriguez, Carlos Sanchez, Gabriel Grillasca , Juan Carlos Garcia, Diego Rivera, Alex rivera, Luam Keflezgy , Ryan Miller. This has been people that had help me in my growth and had made me the person I am today. Other interest outside performing…im very active person so I will definitely say goin to the beach, sports, movies, having adventures, but most importantly having good company. My favorite saying is “I am enough”.

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