Ethan Graham


Ethan was born and raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan where he was exposed to urban and street forms of dance throughout his childhood. His fascination with dance started there, and he discovered his true passion for dancing after he met and learned from a multitude of professional artists, like Brian “HallowDreamz” Henry, Valentine Norton, Pierce Cady, Shernita Anderson, Brian Jones and others through the New York Youth Movement Collaborative in 2014 (created by Ehizoje Azeke and Marguerite Hemmings). He received his first dance training through this program. He went on to get a B.A. in Dance through Hunter College, where he was trained in different forms of contemporary, ballet, and hip hop, as well as created some of his first choreographic pieces. He also trained outside of school in urban and underground techniques, where he solidified his love for krump culture and movement under his mentor Brian Henry. He has continued to train with his teachers in various techniques, and is currently a member and choreographer of Violeta Galagarza’s KR3TS Company. His favorite hobbies are to spend time with his dance family, whether it be through downtime, movement labs, movies, etc. His favorite saying is “Keep Your Light”, because he believes in living as your best authentic self, and wants to inspire the future like he was inspired to pursue his passion for dance.

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