Erika Naranjo


Originally from Long Island, New York, Erika Naranjo’s love of dance began at the age of 3 and continued into her high school years, where she trained and competed in various styles such as ballet, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, hip hop and tap. Erika later moved to NYC to train in the elite Professional Semester Program at Broadway Dance Center. Erika has come a long way since then as she was recently seen dancing on Saturday Night Live with Coldplay, on MTV's Video Music Awards dancing for hit new artist, Rosalía, Jonas Brother’s music video, “Only Human,” and was in NYFW dancing at the Nike Forum 2020 show. These projects specifically were choreographed by the industry’s top choreographers, Tanisha Scott, Luam Keflegzy, Charm LaDonnna, Danielle Polanco. She is lucky to be continuously training in New York City under some of the finest choreographers and educators. She strongly believes that “life is about choices” and is excited to have chosen a life of dance. Thankful to be represented by Bloc NYC, she is ready to continue pursuing her career and is excited for what the future holds.

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