Deva Huggins


She was dancing before she could speak a full sentence. Devaki Kiron Huggins, born and raised in New York City, has always carried the spunk of her hometown. As a toddler one could find Deva in her living room flipping off of the couch and teaching her grandmother the latest dance moves. At the age of 3, her mother enrolled her in Ballet and African dance classes and Deva has not stopped dancing since. Effortlessly perfecting her craft, the elite dancer embodies her “Deva” nickname fully.

As a child, Deva was a quadruple threat having studied multiple forms of dance including Tap, Modern and Bomba y Plena as well as singing, modeling, and acting. Consistently training in school programs and at various studios, she also obtained accounts with such magazines as Parents and Spiegel, and an ad with Osh Kosh B’gosh. A member of several school and church choirs throughout her youth, Deva’s genuine love of the hip-hop dance culture was soon realized while she attended junior high school, quickly becoming her main focus.

Soon after being introduced to the Broadway Dance Center by a fellow high school friend, Deva’s career as a professional dancer took off in ways she couldn’t ever have imagined. At 17, she was handpicked by an MTV producer and casted as a principal dancer for the television show, Wannabe. Deva has since gone on to appear in music videos for artists like 50 Cent, Mario, and Elle Varner, has traveled the world performing with Eve, Fergie, Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, The Dream, Rihanna, and more, thus fulfilling her dreams of dancing with prominent choreographers, Hi-Hat and Fatima Robinson.

Deva, who has 8 years of experience in teaching specialized dance workshops, most recently appeared in a 2012/2013 MetroPCS campaign and toured with Chinese pop sensation, Joey Yung. Deva plans to continue traveling and teaching in hopes of always sharing her “Brooklyn, New York City grooves” with the world. 

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