Deja Williams


Deja’s dance career began at 4 years old in Charlotte, NC where she was born and raised. She danced competitively at a B.B. Dance Productions, practicing her skills in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary for 13 years. She had a love for athletic sports and ran track, played basketball, and golf throughout high school in addition to dancing at competitions and local performances. She also founded a service organization that traveled to inner-city schools teaching after school ballet lessons to under-privileged youth. Deja received a BA in Communication with a minor in Spanish from NC State University while dancing on the official collegiate dance team. She now resides in Brooklyn and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing at NYU and dancing for the NBA as a Brooklynette. Through her career with the Brooklynettes, she has continued evolving as a dancer, working with and performing the works of celebrated choreographers such as Luam Keflezgy, Jessica Castro, Rhapsody, Nick Kenkel, and many more. Her favorite saying is “no one is you, and that is your power.” She believes that harnessing her uniqueness while performing allows her creativity and personality to shine through her dancing.

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