Cochise Quinones


Cochise was born and raised in The Bronx, NY. He started performing & dancing at the age of 16 in high school with the Dance Team. With his training in school as an acting major his goals changed when he was always being asked (and participated) in all the dance activities.

Outside of performing he loves to choreograph, mentor and teach his vey own students that are apart of his Dance Company “Kozmic Edge” out of Guttenberg, New Jersey. Aside from dance, Cochise also uses his extra time to mix, create & produce others music and original music. Cochise also films and edits his own videos whether its ance or content for his Youtube Channel where he puts up different videos of him giving video reactions, creating custom apparel and even funny videos.

Cochise’s first big job he booked as a dancer was for an international girl group named “Little Mix” for their hit Song “Wings” & “DNA” on a live morning show. Even though it was just a morning show he knew how big of a deal the group was and the impact they have in pop culture today. Cochise has several influences that helped him become the person he is today including Micheal Jackson, Lady Gaga, Fashion Designers & many more.

Cochise's Favorite Quote:

“You only live once, so if you want adult answers, don’t handle situations like a kid”.

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