Christian Saludez


Virginia native, Christian "Niki" Saludez began his artistic career performing, choreographing, and creating throughout the DMV area. Prior to finding his passion for dance, Niki grew up studying music, playing the violin, and performing in a number of local ensembles. His initial dance training introduced him to the foundations of hip hop and street styles such as popping, locking, waacking, house, and vogue. His love for movement continued to grow as he expanded his knowledge and training in other styles, especially contemporary, as well as rave dance styles like cutting shapes, Melbourne shuffle, and electro dance.



Now based in New York, Niki trains throughout the city and has worked with many choreographers including Theresa Stone, Neil Schwartz, Ryan Miller, Miles Keeney, Emily Greenwell, Justin Conte, and Miguel Zarate. He has also performed with artists Don Diablo, Spencer Ludwig, Frank Zulferino, and Todrick Hall. Niki is currently a member of the contemporary performance art company, tedted Performance Group, under the direction of Teddy Tedholm. 



Niki deeply roots his training, performance, and creative process in his mantra, “human before dancer,” to remind himself and those around him not to lose their identity in their work and to foster their physical, mental, and emotional relationship with themselves outside of dance or whatever industry they are in. Aside from performing, Niki spends his time being involved with environmental awareness through activism, language study, and traveling.

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