Caitlin Byrne


Caitlin was born and raised in Queens. Growing up in Rockaway, she spent all her summers creating dances on the beach with friends and attending the community theatre year round. It was always important to her to be able to do what she loved around people she loved. She attended LaGuardia High School, where she received one year of opera training and three years of acting training. She went to SUNY Purchase and joined the hip-hop team, as well as attended Vogue workshops taught by Jason Rodriguez, aka Slim Extravaganza. Her introduction to the dance world was very much through the ballroom and the street dance community in New York. She trained in NY and LA for the past 3 years at Broadway Dance Center, EXPG, Peridance, and Movement Lifestyle, under the direction of many incredible teachers. She booked her first big job as a freestyler for Lupe Fiasco’s music video “Hey Lupe,” in September. She is Baby Oricci of the new house of Nina Oricci under Omari Wiles and Gillette Harris, as well as front desk as EXPG, a street styles studio in lower Manhattan. She is inspired by family and community, and the artists and legends who paved the way for the new generation. Her favorite saying is an African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” because it highlights the importance of hard work and community!

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