Anjali Kanter


Anjali Kanter is a dancer, actor, singer, and musician. Although she was born in Virginia, she was raised primarily in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Anjali has extensive national and international travel experience having travelled to 30 countries and 40 states.

Anjali has been performing in various capacities from a very young age.  She began performing in primary school as an award winning classical Indian Bharatnatyam dancer. Anjali went on to briefly study Fencing, Ice-skating, and Tae Kwon Do. From the age of seven until the present Anjali has taken acting classes both at school, Diamond Head Theater in Honolulu, Perry Mansfield Performing Arts Camp in Colorado, and Broadway Dance Center in New York City. In addition, Anjali plays the acoustic and bass guitars and the ukulele.

Anjali began seriously studying ballet, contemporary, and jazz at the age of eight in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  During her school years she trained and performed with Moving People Dance Company, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, National Dance Institute of New Mexico, Sparrow Dance Collective, Ballet Hawaii, 24/7 Dance Force of Kaneohe, HI, Arthur Murray of Honolulu, Alonzo King Lines Ballet, Arcos Dance Company, and Perry Mansfield Performing Arts Camp.

During Anjali's junior year of high school, she attended the Joffrey Ballet School's Jazz and Contemporary training program in New York City. She trained with many choreographers including Michael Blake, Colleen Barnes, Jana Hicks, Marijke Eliasberg, Joilynn Hopkins, Joanna Numata, and many more.

After graduating high school, she attended the Professional Training Program at Broadway Dance Center where she had the pleasure of training with Neil Schwartz, Ashle Dawson, Bo Parkk, Ms. Vee, Joanna Numata, NIjawwon Matthews, Kenichi Kasamatsu, Hannah Frederick, Ginger Cox, Justin Conte, Greg Zane, Bettina Sheppard, Phil Orsano, Cat Cogliandro, Deshawn Da Prince and many others.

Anjali travelled  all around the United States and parts of Canada with the NETworks National Tour of 'The King and I', based on the Lincoln Theater Center Production. She played a Royal Child, Wife and 'Little Eva' in the famous ballet "The Small House of Uncle Thomas".

She also had the pleasure of working with Josh Bergasse on his latest workshop of "A Crossing” and  helped him in the pre-production of “The Bodyguard”.

Outside of her artistic endeavors, Anjali loves traveling, surfing (basically any activity that involves water), nature photography, ceramics, drawing, hiking, rock climbing, cooking and baking, camping, animals, and the healing arts.

Anjali is also a certified Pilates teacher and teaches at Pilates On Fifth and Flying Squirrel Studios in New York City.

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