Alexander Cruz


If I'm afraid of something, I'll always try it twice.  Once to prove to myself that is doesn't scare me, but inevitably still feeling distaste toward it, and twice to make sure that I didn't have a muddy first impression.  That's how I try to exist in life, without fear.  Instead I want to be open to all things good and bad and decide for myself how I feel about them.  Being a performer is the perfect avenue for this.  Day in and day out I get the chance to try something new and conquer a new (or impending) fear.  Growing up as a shy, first generation born Portuguese-American, most experiences frightened me, and it wasn't until I found the arts that I started to feel like a superhero (which if I'm being honest has been my dream since I learned to tie a towel around my neck).  However, before I was ever a performer, I was an artist.  In the 1st grade I kept a journal, and every day for a year I not only logged the days adventures, but I illustrated them.  To this day I still enjoy drawing and working on all sorts of other crafts and projects.  I've recently started making jewelry, and I'm loving that.  I'm also a bit of a gym rat, and nothing beats shopping at a thrift store.  I'm a passionate person with a desire to experience everything.  I'll try anything once, but probably twice, not only to further my insight, but to let it fuel my creativity and individualism.  I used to be afraid of being an individual, but then I realized something truly worth knowing; Pigeons may flock together, but eagles fly alone.

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