Aleena Gil


Aleena Yvette Gil, born & raised in Bronx, NY began dance classes at the age of three as a recommendation by her pediatrician. Aleena at a very young age was diagnosed by her an introvert with selective speaking.  It was then that her pediatrician suggested to her mom and Nana that they needed to have her join an extracurricular activity so she can open up to others and come out of that fear.  At that time, Aleena had no interest in any other activities but coloring and it was then her grandmother suggested dance. After long days of searching within the area of our home, Aleena’s Nana found a studio called Performers Edge Dance Academy and Aleena was enrolled.  Aleena began mainstream dance classes in tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, musical theatre, and lyrical.  After two years in mainstream she was then offered an invitation on their competitive dance team and till this day she is currently a member of their competition team.

Being a member of the PEDA Team opened many doors for Aleena.  Back in August 2014, Aleena attended the Brooklyn Nets Kids Audition as a supportive PEDA Sister to the other dancers from her team who were auditioning.  It was then that they all encouraged her and convinced her to audition for the team. It was then that she made it through all audition rounds and she received the call that they chose her to be a Brooklyn Nets Kids.  That was Aleena’s first big job and she has been on the Brooklyn Nets Kids Dancer for Season 2014-2015 and Season 2015 – 2016.

Besides dancing, performing, and learning the artistry of dance, Aleena enjoys expressing herself through Art in creating visual artworks from sketching and painting. There are many famous dance artist who Aleena looks up to everyday and who has inspired her from her coaches Tanisha Scott, Jordan Rafko, Beyoncé, Sophia Lucia,, Brynn Rumafallo, Asia Monet Ray, Tokyo, and Travis Wall; but there is one important dancer/choreographer, Ms. Andrea Sambula, who was Aleena’s first dance teacher and her first inspiration as well as her director, Ms. Stefanie Salaman who brought the joy and passion of dance out of Aleena’s life. Aleena's work doesn't stop in the studio and she is constantly growing from the art of dance.  As she will always say to all “Dancing with her feet is one thing, but dancing with her heart is another”

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