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Pedro Morillo Jr.


Pedro Pierre Morillo Jr. was Born in New York City and raised in Washington Heights in uptown Manhattan. Pedro also known in the dance scene as Cikmode, has been B-boying since late 1999. Dancing as a hobby, the road ahead was destined to lead him into being a versatile entertainer. Performing all over the world, Pedro stumbled into featured movie jobs that inspired him to pursue acting. Continuing to train aggressively at B-boying’ and as an actor, the only option left is to keep rising to the top.

Fun Facts

As a B-boy I learned a lot from Kwikstep and Rokafella of Full Circle Productions. Consistently trained hard on my own or alongside other B-boys from my neighborhood.  As an Actor, currently training at The Michael Howard Studios in New York City.

I like to teach B-boying to kids, play basketball and jog. I love seeing plays and films. Most importantly, to remain as a student and learn the most that I can in life. You can never know too

My first big job I had to audition against hundreds of people for a national commercial. I went in there with an aggressive focus to book the job. In reality, I had no money and a lot of bills, so it was either A. Book this job, or B. stay hungry for a long time. ☺

Yes, so many people have inspired me and continue to inspire me. Mach3, Kwikstep & Rokafella, Abstrak SKMZ, Kmel Boogie Brats, Jiggz Supreme Beings and Chino Breaks Cru have been the people who inspired me to be who I am today. As an actor, Victor Rasuk and Mark Anthony. Not a lot of latino actors in the industry but they’ve broken barriers. Also as a leader and public speaker, my dad and President Barack Obama. 

Favorite movie of all time has got to be Pulp Fiction!

Favorite Quote "I do what I do to inspire. Dream but don’t sleep".

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