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Augustine Ryser


Augy is a driven and outspoken individual. Despite the fact that he’s the one writing this he is unbelievably humble. Inspired heavily from New York stylized Hip Hop, Augy trained for nine years in various forms of dance, mainly Hip Hop. Training and Teaching at Broadway Dance Centers, Conventions; “Monsters”, “The Pulse on Tour”, “The YARD” and various local studious. In High School he was noticed by Bloc Agency. From there he went on to be casted in projects such as the highly viewed “Deja Vu” – Mike Singer and working with Victor Sho on an Alec Monopoly birthday event.
“Dance is something I will always enjoy with a passion. Too many people concern themselves with ‘not making it’. I’m unsure of what the future holds for me but I have nothing but excitement for the opportunities and obstacles ahead.” -The man, the myth, the legend, me.

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