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Aimee Lane


Aimee Lane is a born and raised Jersey girl.  Although she stays true to her Jersey roots, she now lives in an adorable apartment in Astoria, slowly becoming a city-slicking New Yorker.  She has been dancing her whole life, beginning in competition dance in central Jersey.  After a high school career of musicals, dance team, and cheerleading, she explored three semesters at James Madison University as a musical theatre major.  She loved hiking in the Shenandoah Mountains and attending football games with her southern classmates, but after a taste of NYC, she quickly realized that nothing could compare.  She took a risk, packed her bags, and left school.  She moved back to NJ, to save everything that she could to move to the city.  She commuted to the city every day to train in Broadway Dance Center’s Professional Semester.  It was there that she met Richard J. Hinds.  He choreographed a piece for her showcase and they immediately hit it off.  A few months post-showcase, Richard called Aimee to ask if she would assist him on a project. She accepted, and they never looked back.  She has been assisting him for the past 4 years and he has shaped her career beyond words.  Many choreographers have shown faith in Aimee, entrusting her with challenging roles in gigs and musicals that pushed her limits, helping her to further her career.  Parker Esse gave her her first regional theatre gig and they have worked together numerous times since then. She also assists and performs for Marc Kimelman, another cherished friend.  Aimee's track record of trusted relationships and positive work experiences in the entertainment industry has given her countless opportunities to show what she's made of and develop her performance career. She recognizes that strong relationships may get you in the door, but ultimately, it's up to you to work hard and stay there. Like-minded people will always gravitate towards each other, so we must always put out what we hope to attract.

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