Samo Soto

Samo Soto, born in NYC and raised in both Brooklyn and Brentwood (Long Island). Started performing at about 12 years old, learning how to pop at middle school dances, and entering talent shows no too long after. Already understanding how to groove, most hip hop influenced styles came easy. Training was only a daily routine with friends I grew up with. After popping came bboying, then later on other street styles like house and hip hop. 

Besides performing, I've found interests in filming, editing, outdoor activities like skating and snowboarding. 

The biggest job I've booked so far was a film shot in 2011 called "Battle of the Year: The Dream Team". Opened up my eye to the commercial dance industry again and felt like I belong in front of a camera and big crowds more often. Simply showing my appreciation towards my dance. My biggest influences are my crew members and family such as X-Fenz (Step Fenz), Elite Force, Dance Fusion, and Ivy League. All the members were a great inspiration to me and helped me build myself to where I am today. A huge impact on my dance. Much appreciation goes out to each of them.

"Create brand new trails, and be the head of the stampede. Follow me..."