Mel Charlot

  Mel, better known as Charlot (charlô), was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, where she took her first steps towards becoming an illustrious dancer. She began her career in dance at the age of thirteen, when she was given the opportunity to choreograph and direct her own varsity team to participate in the 2002 World Hip-Hop Championships (Hip Hop International). With great determination, she guided her team to an outstanding achievement and came home with the gold. Due to her success and perseverance, she was invited to join the elite adult team Extreme. She was a key player in bringing home the gold in the 2003 and 2004 World Hip Hop Championships, representing Canada. Charlot continued her competitive journey as a part of the all female hip-hop crew Aftermath from Studio A Montreal.

Charlot has had the opportunity to dance for artists such as Melanie Renaud and Deborah Cox; as well as opening for Maestro. Driven and inspired by many different styles, she took these new opportunities to bring herself and her craft to a whole new level. She began pursuing the path of a commercial dancer. In 2009, she had the privilege to sign with Bloc Talent Agency based in Los Angeles, CA.As she worked closely with choreographers such as Sheryl Murakami, Mariel Martin, Alex “Spicey” Landé, Scott Fordham, Luam and many more, this electrifying dancer has never ceased to learn and wants to share her knowledge with all. Charlot has had the opportunity to teach and dance in many places throughout North-America and overseas.

Recently, Charlo moved to NYC and after auditioning amongst hundreds of dancers she was chosen to train with Rhapsody James in an intense new dance training program for the professional commercial dancer. This program based in New York City entitled Motivating Excellence has changed her life and prepared her for the many jobs and dance experiences to come. Finally last July 2011, Charlot was blessed to be a member of the cast of the Monsters of Hip Hop Show 2011, (Full Circle) directed by Chonique and Lisette. She worked closely with Choreographers such Kevin Maher, Nick Demoura, David Moore, Derrell Bullock, Marty Kudelka, Swoop, Chuck Maldonado and many more… With this new chapter facing her, Mel Charlot has never been more determined to mesmerize all with her talent and passion to inspire others through her love for dance and creativity.

For more information please visit www.melcharlot.com