Adrian Lee

I'm scared but proud of that fish. S'Whirlwind.  Tonight was my first night in Paris. I love dance. I feel so lucky to be a part of a show that celebrates movement the way this one does. Thank you 📸: @ianmichaelstuart HAPPY BIRTHDAY @chase_madigan ...I am so lucky to have a friend as great as you. Beyond your talent and humor, you make this world better because you are genuinely kind and good. 📸: @ianmichaelstuart Doing my best to build a stairway. I get by with a little help It was all a dream. 📸: still @rysteele Grapes and me 📸: @rysteele Hey friends and family!  For a quick life update, I just joined the national tour of My forever Princess and her lil Prince. My face. Shot by @romyyoung.photography for @hollywoodvibe Here he is world, my new little nephew...welcome baby boy Griffin!! You have a lifetime of love in front of you. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!  It was a wonderful day with my people.  Here's to 28! WE MADE IT. WE'RE HERE. WE HAVE WANDS. WE DUELED. @michaelcampayno Missed national dance day? So here I am at 14 really emoting for you. #momsimpressed #onebutton #backbend #pointerfinger HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARA!! Best friend/sister-in-law/dance partner any guy could ask for.  I hope it's a perfect day. @karalovescoco Love em A very very good Fiyero. A very very good human.  Wicked has been lucky to have you @michaelcampayno ... I'm always proud of you.

I was born in Orion, Illinois and raised in Grayslake, Illinois.  I was enrolled in gymnastics and began taking tumbling classes at a studio that also offered dance.  Around 5 years old, I asked my mom to put me in the dance classes and thats where it started!  I danced competitively all through school, and often utilized the incredible dance institutions in Chicago during the summers.  

My first big job was touring with Rasta Thomas' Bad Boys of Dance which was almost right after I graduated high school.  Adrienne Canterna had seen me dance at a dance convention my senior year in high school, and from that,offered me a position on the company!  I would say my biggest inspiration in the dance industry is Mandy Moore.  Taking her class growing up, and then dancing for her professionally has shaped my view of the art of dance and my work ethic.  Her professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail is something that I find very inspiring and admirable.