Travis Ward-Osborne

When is Macy's this empty? At 7:30 am before the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!!! Not even close First preview, first playbill!!! #holidayinnmuaical Opening night outfit planning! #holidayinnmuaical There's that baby face! No more beard for @rtc_nyc #HolidayInnMusical !!! Happy bachelor party @j_deecee !!! Love you, brother! Back in my taps Shaking my Blues Away! First day of school! Custom suit? Yes please. #mysuit #shopping? With @nkayec Monkeying around in Tarzan at #muny2014!!! My two favorite ladies on our way to NYC!!! AB Retreat!!! First day of rehearsal for Hazards!!! Epic success! Nature holds so much perfection #thingsthataretrue At the cascades with @wnbrandt I'm bored @wnbrandt goodby NY #nyc2012 At Bring it On! @taylou @wnbrandt #BIO Guac and chips with @wnbrandt!