Sinem Gulturk

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Sinem Gulturk is first generation, Turkish –American and was born and raised on Long Island in New York. She is one of 6 children whom she grew up very close to. From her earliest memories she remembers creating make believe scenarios with her siblings and attributes her earliest desires for acting to these creative playtimes. Sinem and her identical twin sister both wanted to pursue acting so they started on a path together. Her training really began in her first year at Suffolk County Community College where she intensely studied the craft of acting and theatre under some of the best professors and mentors she’s ever had. With this passion driving her, she made the move to New York City and received her bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts from The City College of New York. She's continued to work across the board since graduating. Her first big "look mom and dad, I made it" moment was when she and her sister booked a national commercial with Discover card. She recently had the honor and pleasure of working with academy award winning, Alex Dinelaris on a short play he directed called Dark Clothes of the Night at the 59E59 Theater. Sinem is incredibly grateful that she gets to do what she loves and has found her true passion in life.