Ryan Brennan

Ryan was born in Houston, TX but grew up for the most part in Charlotte, NC. He has been a musician his whole life from playing clarinet for the charlotte youth orchestra to drumline captain and his favorite: playing lead guitar in and fronting Rock and Metal bands in downtown Charlotte and Nashville, TN where he attended Belmont University. With too much free time after being accepted to music school, he auditioned for his first acting role where he was given the lead. A year later he earned his first professional acting credit performing Shakespeare in the Park and changed his major to combine acting and music in the prestigious Musical Theatre degree. By graduation, he had been invited to Nashville Acting Studio to study film acting, and founded his own theatre company at Belmont where he produced and directed their first production, which sold out every performance.

When not acting or writing, he can be found making or drinking cocktails around the manhattan mixology scene. He is forever thankful to Spike Lee for taping "Passing Strange" live on Broadway as it has served as a permanent source of inspiration for art, theatre, and music. He also envies Jared Leto for having found both the perfect career and the fountain of youth (seriously... the dude doesn't age, it's insane).

"No one can force you not to create" - Colman Domingo