Nuah Ozryel

Both of us don't know how to take mirror selfies #nyc #myblueberrynights With these two #nyc #myblueberrynights My soundtrack these past few days as I bike, run, walk, glide through Manhattan city streets #nyc Tonight #sarahclose is giving a pep to my step - citibiking to this down #5thavenue #nyc It's late and this store was closed - otherwise I would have bought this work of art - because I love the message #nyc Very greatful for this opportunity to be on NBC's Law and Order: Special Victims Unit tonight as Frank Ayemen Season 18 - for the 2 hour season finale Mommy Boo Boo is here - so now I am putting up my #mothersday pic #nyc Morgans going away to Steppenwolf Chicago party. #nyc Morgans last night at Glasshouse. God I am going to miss this girl #nyc #glasshousetavern #Hulu has really hit the jackpot with this #margaretatwood adaptation of the #thehandmaidstale World meet 'Otto' my friends adorable little #frenchbulldog who comes and says hello to me every now and then at #equinox #greenwichavenue #nyc - I want him all to myself #thepfrofane #playwrightshorizons #nyc #theatre This song is giving me life right now - on this cool spring day zipping up the FDR - #human #ragnbone #myblueberrynights Also these gloves just happened to be resting on the corner of 30th and 5th - I do the same thing - rest my tushy when I get tired #gloveboss #nyc #midtowneast Went to Bed Bath and Beyoncé to get myself a steamer - about time I have one right - and came across this - and I knew I needed this in my life - I don't even know if I am ever going to use it - but look at it - it's so cute - #bedbathandbeyond Every now and then I guess it's okay to put up a gym selfie....?? - plus my yellow was popping When this game of #backgammon on #rectorstreet is the neighborhood entertainment #nyc #batteryparkcity Sometimes I forget how much this city has to offer #UWS #upperwestside #soldiersandsailorsmonument #nyc This song - my citibike and New York. #love Whatever is going on here - I need in my life errrday - like everyday #nyc #columbuscircle #dogs #dogsofinstgram

Nuah Ozryel was born in Windsor, Canada and went to high school in Lahore, Pakistan. He started acting in school plays at the age of 8 and regionally at the age of 16 for the Lahore Arts Council, Alhamra Arts Center.

The following year, he returned to Canada and auditioned for the undergraduate theatre program at the University of Toronto. He studied acting under the tutelage of Canadian theatre director Ken Gass, the founder of The Factory Theatre, Canadian actors Steven Bush and Niky Guadagni and German director Johanna Schall. In the summer of 2008, he performed at the Piccolo Teatro Di Milano in Milan, Italy. He made his film and television debut in the feature ‘Moments Before’ and a commercial for the Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada.

In September of 2008, he started training at Columbia University in the Graduate Acting Program under Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis, Tony winner Andrei Serban, Emmy Winner John Erman, Artistic Director of the SITI Company Anne Bogart and the Founder of the Linklater Voice Technique, Kristin Linklater. 

Since graduating, Nuah has been auditioning for film, TV and theater in New York. He has performed for Off-Broadway company Mabou Mines, Isle of Shoals and Polybe and Seats. 

His interests include working out, exploring different neighborhoods and restaurants in NYC, traveling, reading biographies, learning new languages and researching wine making (grapes, soil topography, regions and history).

His mantra is “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” (Winston Churchill)