Katie Mattar

Katie Mattar grew up in Flint, MI, where she attended Paavola's School of Dance for six years of dance training. While expanding her technique in ballet, jazz, and modern dance, she also found a passion for theatre. Katie discovered her passion for the arts alongside her identical twin sister, Dani, who is also signed with Bloc NYC. They both began taking on roles in musicals at Carmen-Ainsworth High School, and they were given the opportunity to be the "dance captain duo" for their school's production of "High School Musical 2." 

Katie was accepted into Western Michigan University's Department of Dance, where she was given the opportunity to truly discover and master her artistry. She worked with many artists, such as Nelly Van Bommel, Arturo Hernandez, Willy Shives, Jason McDole, KT Nelson, Autumn Eckman, Lauren Edson, Amanda McKerrow, and John Gardner. Katie has represented her school by performing at the Kennedy Center for the 2012 ACDFA Nationals. One of her choreographic works, "Like a Butterfly," was selected for the 2012 WMU Winter Gala Dance Concert, the 2012 East Central conference for ACDFA, and for WMU's touring company in 2012, the Western Dance Project. Katie graduated in the Spring of 2013 with a BFA in Dance. 

Since her success at Western, Katie has performed for Cedar Point Amusement Park's Live! Entertainment Department. This was her first official gig, straight out of college, and she had the privilege of sharing this experience with her twin sister and her fiancé, Bello Pizzimenti. Not long after her two contracts with Cedar Point she made the big move to New York City. She has worked with several choreographers, including Nelly Van Bommel, who choreographed “Point par Point” on her for Bryant Park’s Modern Dance Summer Series 2014. Katie has kept up her passion for choreography and has been working alongside her creative partner, Genna Carey, signed with Clear Talent Group. They had much success with their 2014 "Us Against Whatever" piece, which had been chosen for festivals such as Pushing Progress, The Hatch Series, and The Moving Beauty Series. Katie is currently working with Nadine Bommer Dance NY as a founding company member. Katie and Dani are so grateful and excited to be working together with Bloc NYC!