Joshua Dela Cruz

My Cousin and little brother, @roldyc , graduated from college today.  I couldn't be more proud of him and everything he's accomplished with the cards he was dealt.  I love you. This beauty and country music. Washington Heights, New York. This cheeky fellow hopped the pond.  Washington Heights, April. Out of the studio and into the field. Laughing with @lindsay.l.moore and @steelburkhardt in Inwood, New York. April. Always love shooting with great friends. @jonathan_silver in Washington Heights, April. When you're an adult you can dress yourself up as #batman  #grownup Sometimes I don't get to use my pillow at night... what a stinker lol Their JiuJitsu game is crazy  @bjjbros  #bjj Somebody had a good time in Jersey. Happy Easter :0) #tiredpup #happypup I sometimes mistake Ollie for my pillow, he's over it. 🐢😴 The greatest wife in the world took me to have the best meal I've ever experienced, on the best birthday I've ever had.  Thank you @bluehillfarm for not only the best meal but for being the most welcoming restaurant we've ever been to. I am constantly amazed by the strength, intelligence and Love that this woman embodies.  She teaches to be present in the moment and focus only on what matters in life.  You cannot ask for equality of any kind without fighting for #feminism .  Thank God for my Wife. #internationalwomensday When we first moved to the states, she worked more 16 hour work days than took days off.  Never complained and made sure we never wanted for anything.  A recent cancer survivor.  She is the epitome of strength and love.  My mother, my family's matriarch. #internationalwomensday It's International Women's Day.  And in honor of all the women fighting and striving for #equality I'd like to share three women in my life that made me into the man I am today.  My grandmother, My Lola. After raising my mother, her brothers, and sisters she came to the states to help raise us.  She laid the foundation of love, strength and mischief that I will always carry with me. Incidentally her favorite color was red πŸ”΄ After a long walk Ollie likes to roll out.  #cooldown #ifoundhimlikethis Let the #cheatday begin.... Breakfast is at 8am on a two show day at @aladdin ! #acidreflux <---I'm keeping the yolks! 🍳 @tyrannosaurustrev in Washington Heights, February. This is the most important part of theatre, the final ingredient.  The audience.  A group of people from different walks of life, different experiences, different beliefs--putting them aside to share an experience.  To laugh, to cry, to relate together.  To silently and subconsciously support one another.  I've shared an incredible week of theatre and I'm so full of gratitude to be able to share myself with an audience.  To be in a microcosm where you rely on each other.  If we can do it on stage we can do it off stage.  We just have to listen to each other and realize that we're all trying to do our best.  We're not all that different after all.  Thank you and farewell to an amazing teacher, @jmiglehart , we'll miss you.