Jeffrey Michael Kringer

Raised in the small town of Skaneateles in Central New York, Jeffrey Michael Kringer comes from a musical and theatrical family. He is the middle child of three boys, so attention seeking is a given.

 While sitting in on his father’s high school drama rehearsals growing up, drama itself grew up with him. His first exposure to the industry was through the Fingerlakes Musical Theatre Festival. Jeff grew up near the theatre and when he was about ten, they held auditions for The Music Man. After his mother practically dragged him by the ear to audition for Winthrop, he was cast as the understudy. Jeff loved the experience so much, that it led to him playing Michael Darling in Peter Pan and (his favorite of the three) Gavroche in Les Misérablesduring the following two summers. He still remembers when the actor playing Marius broke his foot and the understudy (Nic Rouleau) took over the part for the remainder of the run. Everyone worked so well together toward telling that incredible story despite the challenges. The professionals he met and worked with during those years time gave him perspective. The performing arts started to become more than just playing pretend.

After years of grappling with his potential place in the industry, he risked everything by choosing musical theatre as his college major. Fredonia State University is responsible for helping him cultivate his craft as well as his character. He left there after four years with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and the hunger to use it. After gaining professional experience during the summers between college years, he moved to the Big Apple and forced it to open up and embrace what he has to offer. Within a month he was signed, booked, and most definitely blessed.

Jeff is committed to forging his career, though valuing family, travel, and education gives him all the reasons in the world to keep forging. He’s proud of and grateful for every chance he gets to use his gifts for the purpose art is so widely known for: inspiring change. Jeff’s father always tells him, “Whether good or bad things come your way, take it gracefully.”It’s because of him and the countless other teachers and inspirations in his life that he has committed so fiercely to his passion. Give him a stage and he will give you a story.