Ianne Fields Stewart

Ianne Fields Stewart (pronouns: they/them/their)  is a black, queer, and transfeminine New York-based storyteller working at the intersection of theatre and activism.   A native of Birmingham, AL, their work centers in creating radical  stories that shift social narratives around the lives and experiences of  marginalized people. As a  performer, Ianne has worked consistently in productions at NYC venues  such as Joe’s Pub, Dixon Place, Black Spectrum Theatre, and  more. Ianne can also be seen on Buzzfeed LGBT, the You Had Me at  Black podcast, the #Safewordsociety podcast, Podcast of Color, and the Is it Transphobic  Podcast.  In the summer of 2017, Ianne was selected out of over 500  applicants to be one of the 15 US Fellows for Humanity in Action's 2017  John Lewis Fellowship. Since this, Ianne has developed their activism into a community engagement consulting practice with various theatrical companies and productions as well as multiple teaching artistry positions that have taken them from NYC Public Charter schools to the Rose M. Singer Center on Riker’s Island.