Cristina Raé

I, Cristina Rae, was born and raised in Nashville, TN. I trained at Salama Urban Ministries as a classical singer, actress, and dancer from the age of 7 until 23 years old and also at the Blair School of Music. I attended Nashville School of the Arts where I studied classical music, and African dance and then graduated to Fisk University where I was a Dramatics, Speech and Dance major. I was part of the Fisk Orchesis Dance Company along with the Fisk Jubilee Singers. I shortly studied Biology at Tennessee State University because I was told I may never sing again, due to needing a tonsillectomy, and if I couldn’t sing anymore, I wanted to study why that was the case. 


I left Tennessee State the moment I realized my voice didn’t leave me, and I’ve been singing ever since. Outside of performing, I am a mother to two-year old, Jeremiah. He brings joy and love unlike anything else off of the stage. I love relaxing in parks, or near water. I love bowling, and shopping too. But first and foremost, I love being a mom. 


My first big job was singing background for country music artist, Trace Adkins, at the CMA Fest. It was the amazing because I love country music and Trace Adkins was surprisingly tall. Whenever something huge happens in my life, my aunt Persephone (and Drama Professor in college) is either the first person to know in my family or the second. I would have never known the stage if it weren’t for her. Second would be my son. I toured and danced my entire pregnancy and while most babies would wake up, my baby would fall asleep while I performed. I’ve been in rehearsals and shows with him asleep on my chest,  with little ear protectors. He is always so happy. Jeremiah keeps me going and keeps me focused. He’s going to have everything I didn’t, consistent love being the #1 thing. My favorite saying would have to be, “I am a Queen, and I have to leave a legacy for my prince”.