Cameron Hobbs

I wanna lose 3 lbs. #innout #duh #california I'm wearing a bandana. #desert #joshuatree #california #travel Greetings from tent #4. #glamping #grandcanyon #hipster ✔️ Grand Canyon off the Bucket List. #grandcanyon  #arizona #travel Magical day 😎 #disneyland #disney #californiaadventure #mickeymouse Sunday stroll ✌🏻 #california #travel My mom is not going to like this photo. #travel #bixbybridge #monterey #biglittlelies #california #bigsur Am I the trashiest person you know? #buttdrugs #butt My niece is better at selfies than I am. Still thinking about how perfect yesterday was. Congrats, Derick and Tanner! Love you more than I can say. 📸: @marleetevis  #hustletohobbs I'm the only Hobbs brother not married......Wedding time for the big brother! #hustletohobbs Walking our brother into his wedding day. #brothers #hustletohobbs First time the four of us have ever been together. Heart exploding. #love #brothers #niece Tired legs, full belly, and happy heart! Great day hiking the Catskills! Why don't I get out of NYC more often? Thanks for the recommendation, @paige_silvester ! Hiking some ⛰⛰ No other person I'd rather have my first summer photo shoot with than @bsing20 ! ☀️🌈 #summer If anyone sees me in the next few days and I'm still sobbing, you can blame this guy and this show. A day at the theatre that I will never forget. #dearevanhansen Loved escaping NYC for the night to hang with my mama in Philadelphia. #onenightonly #philly Sunday (shoot) in the park with Ruben (and @bsing20 and @jimmylarkin).

I was born in Louisville, KY and raised across the river in New Albany, IN. 

I started performing when my choir teacher introduced me to her daughter, the General Manager for the local dinner theatre, Derby Dinner Playhouse. My first professional show was Shenandoah. 

I attended Otterbein University in Westerville, OH. 

Outside of performing, I enjoy Soul Cycle (where I am employed), bowling, swimming, Central Park, and my Netflix while enjoying my dominos.

My first big job was The Muny in St. Louis my junior year of college. A couple of friends and I drove 9 hours to St. Louis to audition. 

Bette Weber Flock was my first dancer teacher and also the choreographer throughout my high school years. To this day, she is still choreographing and running a studio. She teaches in a chair, due to health. BUT she is STILL there. Her dedication, strength, and determination have impacted so many, and I happen to be one lucky enough to have experience it. 

My favorite saying, “Age is only important if you are cheese or wine.” :)

But actually, “To live will be an awfully big adventure.” - J.M. Barrie