Brandon Santana

Brandon was born in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up with 4 athletic siblings, he was thrown into sports from a very young age. Brandon reluctantly played many sports: tennis, basketball, and football, just to name a few, but no sport ever captivated him like performing did. He always took time to dance and play the piano when he was alone. It wasn't until the age of 14 that Brandon decided to join theatre and consequently, give up sports. He instantly knew it was his passion all along. Fast forward to present day, Brandon will be receiving his B.F.A in Musical Theatre from Oakland University in the spring of 2018.
As a performer first, Brandon continues to take on projects in film, commercials, and theatre. Recently, he played role of Marcus in Marcus; Or the Secret of Sweet and the production was invited to perform at the 2018 Region III American College Theatre Festival.

As a human, Brandon usually finds time to relax with his twin brother, pet a dog, binge-watch a Netflix series, and attempt to be a yogi.