Angel Theory

Chasity Simpson-Gonzalez A.K.A “Angel Theory" was born in Far Rockaway Queens,NewYork! Angel began dancing at the age of 2 and immediately dance became part of her DNA. She was mesmerized by watching the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Consequently, the first dance step she learned was the iconic “moon walk”. Although Angel love to dance, while in various elementary schools she hid her talent to avoid being bullied. Growing up Angel moved from home to home with her single mother-Always being the new kid in the schools she attended. The only way she could rise above her surrounding was by dancing her heart out, when the music came on the “BOOM” she was in a different universe. Naturally great at free styling, she noticed that learning choreography was a skill that needed to be mastered so Angel acquired her early dance training at the Broadway Dance Center, EXPG studios, and Peridance Studios taking Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary classes. Since she never danced for anyone outside of her family with the support of her mom Angel worked up the courage to perform at a school talent show. Her courage paid off and after winning first place , her passion for dancing was solidified and nothing or anyone could change that. In following the steps of her idol, Michael Jackson, she began performing amateur nights at the Apollo Theatre. She became an Apollo child star after winning first place in 6 consecutive competitions. She strengthened her dance skills, discipline and creative expression, through after school programs like Basketball, Karate, Capoeira, and musical production. Angel got her first big break with the help of director Lenny Bass, who’s directed videos for Jacob Latimore, Omi, and Etc. He came across a video Angel’s mom posted online and reached out directly to Angel to offer her a chance to dance for Phillip George in the “ Wish You Were Mine” and Charles Perry “Stranger To Love” Music Video. Seeing her face on the big screen was an eye opener and she knew that dancing and entertaining was her purpose. She’s not only inspired by Michael Jackson but also by successful entertainers like Chris Brown, Janet Jackson, Usher, and Justin Timberlake. This inspiration is anchored in these artist’s ability to stay true to their gift and touch others through music, dancing, and performances. With many hardships including hearing loss in her right ear, her determination and work ethic for being the best she could possibly be is what pushes her everyday. She describes her out look on dance as "food for the soul” and how she is always
‘hungry for more”. Today Angel no longer has to introduce herself with words, her dancing tells her intricate life story on its own.