Adrian Lee

This song has been in my ears and heart for so long. I saw it live for the first time last night. This is my father, Rodney Lee, with my niece Coco. They are at the park and she is giving a double thumbs up. Today we celebrate @amandalyon and her birth.  Here's to a woman who is incredibly smart, outrageously funny and a fiercely loyal friend.  You make many people's lives better by being a part of them, including mine. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PWANG A LANG! Heads Carolina, tails California. 30 degrees has me missing Miami and this giant duck. #vacadrian It's definitely been awhile... Mondaze Full disclosure: this photo is coached and staged. I asked/told Coco to do her Cali for a day is worth it for Princess Coco alone. Dearest friends. Chicago got after it this morning!  Jazz is fun and these dancers are v cool. @hollywoodvibedanceconvention @madelinemihacevich @amymagsam I almost just tripped over Swatch. Eff dog and I. She's the best dancer and I just kinda yell counts loud. Couldn't stop smiling watch @mattypcock dance for Ariana tonight. Holy smokes. Happy Birthday to my angel mom!! She's my #1 fan, and I am hers. What a great night with kids who love dance. @bobbiesschool Thanks Pwan. Thanks Pwan. I think dance is the best thing in this world.

I was born in Orion, Illinois and raised in Grayslake, Illinois.  I was enrolled in gymnastics and began taking tumbling classes at a studio that also offered dance.  Around 5 years old, I asked my mom to put me in the dance classes and thats where it started!  I danced competitively all through school, and often utilized the incredible dance institutions in Chicago during the summers.  

My first big job was touring with Rasta Thomas' Bad Boys of Dance which was almost right after I graduated high school.  Adrienne Canterna had seen me dance at a dance convention my senior year in high school, and from that,offered me a position on the company!  I would say my biggest inspiration in the dance industry is Mandy Moore.  Taking her class growing up, and then dancing for her professionally has shaped my view of the art of dance and my work ethic.  Her professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail is something that I find very inspiring and admirable.