Wonder Lawrence

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Growing up in Upper Darby, Wonder Amanda Lawrence began her dance training at the age of 6 at Touch of Class Dance Studio.  At TOC she was on the competition team and had the privilege of learning and taking class from many prominant dancers and choreographers in the dance world such as, Brian Friedman, Tyce Diorio, Kenny Wormald, etc.  Along with training at TOC, she attended the, "Young Performers Theater Camp" in Philadelphia. She was also a member of the Jr. Seventy Sixers Dance Team.

In high school, Wonder had the opportunity of being apart of the motion picture, "Standing Ovation" which later was taken on tour in the Bahamas as a traveling show.  After graduating High School in 2009, Wonder attended The University of the Arts and received her Bachelor's degree in jazz dance.  As a student at UArts, Wonder was able to hone in and nourish her passion for dance.  Roni Koresh, Virgil Gadson, Kim Bears Bailey and Zane Booker were a few of the instructors who helped Wonder to reach her highest potential.  Wonder has had the opprotunity to learn from and perform work by world renowned choreographers, Anthony Burrell, Jaquel Knight and Dana Foglia at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards with Beyoncé.

She has choreographed for the Jr. Seventy Sixers Dance Team, Dacav5, Philly Phresh Crew, Ebony Joi, students at the International Academy of Ballet, and students at Touch of Class Dance Studio to name a few.

After graduating college, Wonder moved to Los Angeles for a few months to learn from the best of the best and perfect her craft.  She is now learning, choreographing and performing.  She has created many award winning pieces and is inspired by all things art.  Above all things, being a mother is what drives her most.